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Illustration by Brittany England

Illustration by Brittany England

by The Bezzy Editorial Team


by The Bezzy Editorial Team


We’re bringing new meaning to the word “community.”

As humans, we are hardwired for connection. Belonging to a community makes us feel safe and helps us thrive.

But so often, living with psoriasis can make you feel physically and emotionally isolated. Not only can it feel hard to do things you loved before your diagnosis, but it can also feel like no one understands what it’s like.

Until now.

What we’re all about

Bezzy Psoriasis is a free online platform bringing new meaning to the word “community.”

Our aim is to create an experience where:

  • Everyone feels seen, valued, and understood,
  • Everyone’s story matters.
  • Shared vulnerability is the name of the game.

So happy to find a community that knows what I am experiencing. It’s been so hard for me to explain to my family and I don’t think even then they believe my symptoms are so bad or even understand.


Bezzy Psoriasis is a place where you are more than your condition. It is a place where, finally, you belong.

Ad revenue keeps our community free for you

What you can expect here

Membership is free and members get full access to the community, including:

  • Forums. From treatments to relationships to daily living, psoriasis changes everything. Whatever you’re feeling on any given day, there’s a forum where you can connect and share directly with others.
  • Stories. We believe that shared experiences empower the kind of belonging that can help people not only survive but thrive with psoriasis. Our stories offer perspectives and tips from people who know what it’s like.
  • Messaging. If you’re a Bezzy Psoriasis app user, you can connect one-on-one through private messaging. (P.S., If you’re not, you can download the app here.)
  • Live discussions. Need to vent? Get advice? Share what’s on your mind? Hop into a daily live chat to join the conversation. They’re often led by Joni Kazantzis, our amazing community guide, but you can also expect to chat with other advocates and experts, too.
  • Social-first content. You can stay connected to your community on other platforms, too. Follow us on Instagram for special videos, tips, and more.
  • Safety. We take thoughtful steps to build safety, security, and privacy into our platform and foster an environment where members feel safe sharing personal stories and experiences.

So why do we call it Bezzy?

Our name comes from the British English word for a person’s best or closest friend.

Inspired by the transformative nature of friendship, Bezzy Psoriasis is committed to providing a safe space for shared experiences and authentic conversations, where understanding and acceptance thrive.

We hope you’ll join us.

Fact checked on March 30, 2022

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Ad revenue keeps our community free for you